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  1. Sticky: SamKEY TMO Edition v3.71.3 Released ★★★ WORLD's FIRST : S102DL,S205DL BIT4 + BIT5 ★★★

    What's New (v3.71.3)

    Added support for new Exynos Security Patches

    What's New (v3.71.2)
  2. SamKEY CodeReader v2.78.2 Released ★★★ Newest Exynos Security : June-2020 ★★★

    What's New (v2.78.2)

    Added support for J530F BIT-7 newest Security (June-2020)
    Added support for J400G BIT-6 newest Security (June-2020)

    What's New (v2.78.0)
  3. Sticky: SamKEY TMO Edition v3.68.0 Released ★★★ J700T, J700T1 > WORLD's FIRST AGAIN ★★★

    What's New (v3.68.0)

    Fixed A102U CRICKET Stay Locked After Unlock, 100% Solved Now with ANY CP Version

    ​If you see firmware not supported message, Please Write this MODEM : A102USQS6ATD6...
  4. Sticky: SamKEY TMO Edition v3.63.0 Released ★★★ S102DL, S205DL, S506DL + Repair S10 NoSim ★★★

    What's New (v3.63.0)

    Added support for J337T BIT-7
    Added support for J260A BIT-6

    What's New (v3.62.8)
  5. Sticky: SamKEY TMO DB v4.00 ★★★ November 2019 ★★★

    What's New (v4.00) November-2019

    Added support for G960U, G960U1 BIT7
    Added support for G965U, G965U1 BIT7
    Added support for S260DL BIT3
    Added support for S337TL BIT6
    Added support...
  6. ★★★★★★★★★ SamKEY TMO PROMOTION - !!! EXPIRED !!! ★★★★★★★★★

    Dear clients,

    If you have purchased SamKEY TMO account with 200+ credits from 01-March-2019,
    You will receive EXTRA credits as PROMOTION for FREE !!!
    All you have to do , is to send your...
  7. SamKEY TMO Edition v3.21.0 Released * * World's First : S337TL BIT4 + S737TL BIT3 * *

    What's New (v3.21.0) :

    Added support for S337TL BIT4 { WORLD'S FIRST }
    Added support for S737TL BIT3 { WORLD'S FIRST }
  8. SamKEY CodeReader v1.84.7 Released ! >

    What's New :

    Added support for J260F (Galaxy J2 Core) - Any KNOX
    Added support for J260G (Galaxy J2 Core) - Any KNOX
    Added support for J260Y (Galaxy J2 Core) - Any KNOX
    Added support...
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    SamKEY TMO Edition v3.20.4 Released !

    What's New :

    Unlocking S9 (G960U) Sprint / Boost BIT2 has been improved
    Fixed auto modem flashing for S9/S9+ Sprint/Boost (v3.20.4)
    Disabled J727P BIT4 Support (You must wait until...
  10. SamKEY TMO Edition v3.20.2 Released ! *** Galaxy Note 9 *** TMobile/MetroPCS ***

    What's New :

    Added support for N960U (Galaxy Note9) T-Mobile/MetroPCS
    Added support for N960U1 (Galaxy Note9) T-Moible/MetroPCS

    Notice : N960U, N960U1 T-Mobile/MetroPCS consume 5...
  11. SamKEY TMO Edition v3.20.0 Released ( S9/S9+ Sprint Fixed + BIT3 Supported )

    What's New :

    S9/S9+ Sprint/Boost Unlocking bug has been fixed
    Added support for S9/S9+ Sprint/Boost BIT3 via ENG Modem

    Notice : All credits ALREADY REFUNDED which lost on v3.19.7 by...
  12. SamKEY TMO Edition v3.19.7 Released *** Galaxy S9/S9+ *** SPRINT + Boost ***

    What's New :

    Added support for G960U (Galaxy S9) Sprint (SPR)
    Added support for G965U (Galaxy S9+) Sprint (SPR)
    Added support for G960U (Galaxy S9) Boost (BST)
    Added support for G965U...
  13. SamKEY CodeReader v1.84.2 Released >

    What's New :

    Added support for N960F , N960F/DS (Galaxy Note 9)
    Added support for N960N (Galaxy Note 9)
    Added support for J400G BIT2 (Any KNOX)
    Added support for J400M BIT2 (Any KNOX)
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    SamKEY TMO Edition v3.18.3 Released !

    What's New :

    Support for G950U , G955U , N950U BIT5 [Sprint/Verizon] has been improved (via Combination)
    Reading SEC has been optimized for new security patch 2018
    Some minor internal...
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    SamKEY TMO Edition v3.18.2 Released !

    What's New :

    Added support for S737TL - BIT2 (Galaxy J7 Sky Pro) New 2018 firmware
    Fixed minor bug : Sometimes phone still locked after first time unlock

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