Thread: SamKEY CodeReader v3.72.5 Released ★★★ WORLD's FIRST: A600A, A600AZ BIT-A ★★★

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  1. #1 SamKEY CodeReader v3.72.5 Released ★★★ WORLD's FIRST: A600A, A600AZ BIT-A ★★★ 
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    What's New (v3.72.5)

    • Added support for A600A BIT-A (A600AUCSACTL1)
    • Added support for A600AZ BIT-A (A600AZTUSACTL1)
    • Added 'Shipped To' Carrier details to Info by IMEI

    History (v3.70.8 ~ v3.72.2)

    • Added support for A217M Mexico Carriers : IUS, UNE
    • Added support for A720F newest Security Patches : A720FXXS9CUA2
    • Fixed Analysing CpDump...FAIL for A320F, A320Y, A520F, A520W, A720F newest Security Patches
    • Added support for N960F newest Security Patches : N960FXXU8FUD1
    • Added support for G960F newest Security Patches : G960FXXUFFUC6, G960FXXUFFUC8
    • Added support for G965F newest Security Patches : G965FXXUFFUC6, G965FXXUFFUC8
    • Added support for A217F TLP (Telstra Australia)
    • Added support for G930F newest Security Patches (Any KNOX) [G930FXXU8ETF2, G930FXXU8ETG2, G930FXXU8ETI2]
    • Added support for G935F newest Security Patches (Any KNOX) [G935FXXU8ETF2, G935FXXU8ETG2, G935FXXU8ETI2]
    • Added Change CSC Support for A125U, A125N (Galaxy A12)
    • Added support for A217F Android 11 newest Security Patches : A217FXXU5CUD4
    • Added support for A217M Android 11 newest Security Patches : A217MUBU5CUD1
    • Added support for M127G newest Security Patches : M127GDDU1AUC7
    • Added support for E625F newest Security Patches : E625FDDU1AUD1
    • Added Blocked MSL Counter Support for A515F, A205(x), A305(x), A505(x), G398FN, M107F, M105M
    • Added support for G970F newest Security Patches : G970FXXU9FUCD
    • Added support for G973F newest Security Patches : G973FXXU9FUCD
    • Added support for G975F newest Security Patches : G975FXXU9FUCD
    • Added support for G977B newest Security Patches : G977BXXU6FUCD

    - Added new Option : Blocked MSL Counter

    • Use this option if you see "MSL Counter Blocked" message when trying to Read Codes
    • Credit usage for this method is same as Normal Method, No Extra Credits needed for phones with Blocked MSL Counter
    • This option does NOT WORK on QUALCOMM series like G970U, G973U, G975U

    - Supported models for Blocked MSL Counter Method : G970F, G973F, G975F, G977B, A515F, A205(x), A305(x), A505(x), G398FN, M107F, A105M

    DOWNLOAD Password for ZIP = samkey

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