View Full Version : SamKEY TMO Edition v3.50.1 Released ★★★ WORLD'S FIRST: J260A BIT3 + J337T BIT5 ★★★

08-26-2019, 07:14 AM
What's New :

Version 3.50.1

Added support for J337T BIT5 ★★★ World's First ★★★

Version 3.50.0

Added support for J260A BIT3 ★★★ World's First ★★★
Qualcomm SEC data (IMEI Cert Backup) will be stored in Server Database

From now, Qualcomm's SEC data will NOT be saved in C:\SamKEY\SEC folder anymore.

It will be stored in Server's Database, So no more worry about losing SEC backup..

You can do Write SEC even if SEC folder is EMPTY, SEC data will be downloaded from SERVER DB automatically.

If you have SEC backup already in SEC folder, then Priority goes to LOCAL SEC data !
Exynos Series & S357BL/S757BL SEC data still store LOCALLY, soon we will store them on Server's DB too.

DOWNLOAD (http://www.samkey.org/SamKEYTMO3501.zip)