View Full Version : SamKEY TMO Edition v3.54.1 Released !

11-10-2019, 11:55 PM
What's New (v3.54.1)

Added support for J727T, J727T1 BIT6 ( BETA )

What's New (v3.54.0)

Added support for G960U, G960U1 BIT7 T-Mobile, MetroPCS
Added support for G965U, G965U1 BIT7 T-Mobile, MetroPCS
Removed G960U, G965U BIT7 SPRINT Support (due to problems)

We are working hard to fix it, and we will release it as soon as it's ready

DOWNLOAD (http://www.samkey.org/SamKEYTMO3541.zip)

Notice : It's recommended to install SamKEY DB Setup v4.00 (http://samkey.org/forum/showthread.php?7708-SamKEY-TMO-DB-v4-00-%26%239733%3B%26%239733%3B%26%239733%3B-November-2019-%26%239733%3B%26%239733%3B%26%239733%3B)

Notice : If you lost any credits on G960U, G965U BIT7 Sprint, please Post Here (http://samkey.org/forum/showthread.php?9535-Refund-for-SamKEY-TMO-Only)

Notice : You can get COMBINATION firmware for G960U, G965U BIT7 from SamKEY Download Website (http://download.samkey.org)